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1932 National style 2 Tricone, the best, round neck, as good as they get, Call for details

1932 National Triolian, polychrome finish (yellow) palm tree stencil on the back, fingerboard is also yellow, although the color is more mustard and muted, plays and sounds like it should, with modern hardcase, $3250

1931 National Duolian, Grey crystialine finish, mostly worn off (about 25% left from wear), great player and sounds like it should, vibe out the ying yang, $2750

1932 National Duolian, Grey Crystialine finsh, very good overall condition (just a little pick wear on the plate and lower body), great player, set up to go, don't let your exsperiance with other dealers taint you, I only ship guitars set up to play, no high action, no raddles or bussing) $3750

1933 National Duolian, as above but with rollled F-holes, $3995

1933 National Style O, 12 fret, excellent, with period hardcase, $4250

1934 National Style 1 (1.5), super rare and excellent condition, the later style 1s had the extra wiggle border around the face and sides and back. This is as good as I've had in this model and I don't think we'll be having many others in the future. This one plays excellent as well. fully original and ready for the pickiest buyer, OHSC, Call for pricing

1930 National style O, 12 fret, excellent, "brass body" first year, nice compression (tonally), like a back street Duolian but looks like a city slicker hot club player, refret and rebound fingerboard, modern case,$2995

1931 National Syle O, 12 fret, flat f-hole model, nice and plays like it should (lower than some slide players want, but it is easier to raise it than to lower it, I pay to set these up for real playing, not occasional) $3995

1931 National Duolian, the best condition you've seen, the color so cool, just for the collection, with OSSC, Call

1931 National (for Sear's), very rare, big sound holes, no headstock imprint, one for the collector, with softcase, $3995

1932 National Duolian, one family owned this for 70+ years, the best sounding example we have and a very special guitar, with case, $4495

1930s Harmony Lap Steel, the coolest of all Aluminum laps, just look at this color, this is as art deco as they get and this one still has it's finish, many (one on flea bay last month) are stripped, with original hardcase (also fab), $1495

1930s National Lap Steel, the cast aluminum model, refinished black (a long time ago), had a 7th string at one time, with OHSC, $795

1936 Gibson EH 150 (aluminum), super rare, one year only, sounds better than a Rickenbacher (and I've owned a few), Call for price.

1936 National Don, 14 fret German Silver single cone guitar with wiggle style border, very nice example with modern cover plate (original one was lost), Call for details

1937 National Duolian, 14 fret model, piano finish (like wood grain), very good condition, with softcase, $3250

1939 National style 97 Tricone, the surfer girl model, very clean and set up to play with a low action on it's original wood squareneck, with original hardcase, Call

1940 National Exploding Palm, name tells all, wood square neck, but set up to play with low action, can feel a little odd at first, but the sound is worth a little discomfort, see Bukka White in the National book playing one, with case, Call

1940's National M-3 Tricone, painted body, ultra rare, most of these lose their finish, this one is the exception, very good, has new National neck, plays like you want it to, super cool, Call

1937 National electric banjo, check this one out, you won't see another for some time, and clean? Try to find a cleaner example of a prewar solidbody tenor banjo, I challenge you! With OSSC, Call

1940's Stella lapsteel, original black finish, horseshoe pickup, rare model. No case. $495

1940's Audiovox lapsteel, rare 6-string model (most were 7) No case. $595

200? National style O deluxe, as new, cool as you want to be, same as standard with the added wiggle border, with hardcase, $1995

Late Model Larry Pogreba resonator hubcap guitar, built in Colorado this must be seen to be believed. Great sound and playability, hand hammered steel body, single cone, light weight and thunderous sound, with hardcase $2495

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